Directorate of Students Affairs

LLU has a vibrant student body. Campus is always thriving with curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities organized by the students. Such activities include seminars, debates, walks for cause of social welfare issues, blood donation camps, promoting ethical norms and character building, tree plantation campaigns, invited talks, activities in support of cause of Kashmir, anti-narcotic campaigns, celebrations of national events, Leads foundation day celebrations, Qirat and Naa’t events, poetry and quiz competitions, study tours, recreational tours, sports, cultural shows and many more. In brief the campus is always a lively place. Besides such engagements, the students have their own issues related with their academics, conflict of interest, competition, discipline and social interaction with each other. The Directorate of Students’ Affairs plays an effective role in addressing these issues and streamlining the co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The directorate has evolved an amicable system for guidance of students and helping them to organize events. The directorate facilitates in organizing meetings of discipline committee as well. A number of students have volunteered their services for the University and the Directorate maintains record of these volunteers and arranges their services during admissions and other major events for extending help and maintaining discipline. The University encourages students to explore their innate potential by expressing their talent at various fora. Students’ societies also offer such opportunities to students. Record of these societies is maintained by the Directorate of Students’ Affairs. Presently there are nine societies working for various objectives for welfare of students. The societies mentioned below are run by students themselves under the supervision of senior faculty members and staff. The societies are:

  1. Leads Literary Society
  2. Leads Debating Society
  3. Leads Cultural Society
  4. Leads Sports Society
  5. Leads Qirat and Naat Society
  6. Leads Media Society
  7. Leads Social Work Society
  8. Leads Character Building Society
  9. Leads Society for Current Affairs
  10. Leads Sexual Harassment Committee

*HEC – Policy on Protection Against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions (2020) Policy Document
Affairs of the Proctorial Board of Lahore Leads University also fall under the ambit of the Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

Placement Bureau

Placement Bureau The Placement Bureau of Lahore Leads University is responsible for seeking internship and employment opportunities for its students and graduates. This office regularly


Directorate Of University Publications The Directorate of University Publications has been established at Lahore Leads University with the object of propagating the affairs and functioning