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Libraries at Lahore Leads University provide the students not only course related books but also magazines, novels, periodicals, journals, research publications and newspapers to broaden their exposure to scholarly as well as recreational books.  Lahore Leads University is cognizant of the vital role of access to the HEC Digital Library program in order to foster research and development.

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Lahore Leads University has modern libraries with up-to-date facilities for students. Students have access to thousands of books in libraries situated at its various premises. Libraries are providing services according to student’s satisfaction. Through digital library, students will be given access to major libraries, online books & journals and reference books. The libraries aim to enrich learning, teaching and research programs of the University by providing timely access to the high quality scholarly information and learning material in a variety of formats. With this mission in mind, the University aims to be a premier provider of knowledge resources and user-focused services.