department of english

In view of the challenges of the new millennium, nationally as well as internationally, the Department of English has offered a wide array of programs at Associate Degree Programs, BS and M Phil-Linguistics and MPhil-Literature.


The Department of English was set up in 2011, the same year when the university obtained its charter from the Government of the Punjab. Ever since its genesis, the department has been vibrant in all its academic activities. Taking into consideration the challenges of the new millennium, nationally as well as internationally, the department has offered a wide array of programs at associate degree programs, undergraduate and graduate levels including BS English, MPhil English Literature and MPhil English Linguistics. In order to groom students holistically in various aspects of the education- critical, creative and research – the department has organized Leads Study Circle which is run by students themselves, of course, under the guidance of faculty members. The forum as such holds its meetings fortnightly to facilitate the members in writing research papers, and to appraise them of the national and international academic events. The faculty at the department, regular and visiting, is an excellent blend of experience and youth with specialists in Linguistics as well as Literature. The department keeps itself abreast with the cultural, educational, academic, pedagogical and pragmatic needs through its variety of programs by keeping itself positively in line with the HEC policies. Being alive to the needs of the overseas students, the department also offers MPhil (Literature) and MPhil (Linguistics) for the potential candidates.


Empowering students with effective communication skills and a profound understanding of language and literature to thrive in today’s interconnected world, while fostering open inquiry, scholarship, and a commitment to service.


Driven by a commitment to excellence, the English Department aims to empower students through comprehensive language and literature education, fostering analytical thinking, critical literacy, and global perspectives, while providing a platform for groundbreaking research, teaching innovation, and the development of well-rounded scholars and responsible citizens.


  1. Strengthen community engagement: Forge partnerships with local institutions, organizing outreach programs to foster community engagement and promote the value of language, literature, and communication.
  2. Continuously improve curriculum and pedagogy: Foster continuous improvement in curriculum and pedagogy through innovation and faculty development, ensuring a dynamic and effective learning experience for students.
  3. Promote research and scholarship: Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitate publication support to promote research and scholarship within the English Department.
  4. Provide student support and guidance: Deliver comprehensive support and guidance to students, empowering them for academic and career success through personalized assistance and resources.
  5. Foster alumni engagement and support: Cultivate alumni engagement and support by providing networking opportunities and professional development initiatives that strengthen connections and benefit both alumni and current students.