Department of information technology

The Department of Information Technology aims to cultivate talented information administrators to develop and operate advanced computing systems, and to design and analyze algorithms.


Recent developments in computer hardware, software, and communication technologies have offered new exciting opportunities and challenges for the students of computing disciplines. The Department of Information Technology at Lahore Leads University aspires to prepare students for these opportunities and accept the challenges. The department aims to inculcate among its students advanced computing skills for developing and operating advanced computing systems, and designing and analyzing algorithms. The department grooms its students with fundamental
theories of advanced computing technologies, computer architecture, and various computer languages. Equipped with these skills, Information Technology students would be able to lead in advances in databases, computer networks, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, wireless multimedia, software engineering, and in rapidly changing computing systems. The department offers programs in Information Technology leading to Bachelor’s (BS) and Master’s (MPhil) degrees. Well-qualified faculty at the department aspires to bring the department to par with the Information
Technology departments of renowned universities worldwide.