ICOSS 2024

1st International Conference on Integration of Social Sciences

The International Conference on Integration of Social Sciences will provide opportunities for researchers, academicians, practitioners, and teachers to look for various ways and means to integrate social sciences disciplines to understand our social problems in a better way and suggest appropriate solutions. Integrated social sciences present an overall view of our social life and pave the way to lead a successful life. Bringing together diverse social sciences disciplines like sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, political science, mass communication, education, language and history to address social problems from multiple perspectives. The intersection of social sciences enables us to understand the socio-cultural implications on social changes, resource management, sustainability practices, social justice, equity, and inequality across different social strata like race, gender and class. Cultures have vital role in shaping societies. Analyzing the effects of globalization on societies, economies, politics, technological advancements and societal changes and cultures are very much important, while studying the interconnection among nations and the emergence of transnational problems.

Theme : Envisioning Integration of Social Sciences

  1)  Interdisciplinary Approaches
  2)  Multiculturalism and Diversity
  3)  Globalization, Transnationalism, and Technology
  4)  Environment and Sustainability
  5)  Social Justice and Inequality
  6)  Cultural Studies and Identity Formation
  7)  Education & Language

Abstract Submission Deadline:               30th January 24
Email for Abstract Submission:               [email protected]
Abstract Acceptance:                                  15th February 2024
Full length paper:                                  25th February 2024
Early Bird Registration:                           01-15 February 2024
Regular Registration:                              16-28 February 2024

Conference Registration