department of politics & IR

The Department of Politics & IR is an enthusiastic department where the emphasis is on quality through teaching and research. The department seeks to achieve excellent levels of distinction in teaching and research by transmitting knowledge and understanding that are needed to transform the young people of Pakistan into politically enlightened persons.


The primary goal of the Department of Politics & International Relations of the Lahore Leads University remains focused on providing the best possible education for students seeking to develop an expertise in the field of political science by instilling solid skills in research and analytical reasoning. Currently, the department is offering ADP, BS Political Science, BS International Relations and MPhil Politics & IR. The MPhil courses are reflecting the modern day trends in Political Studies that enable a student to understand the dynamics of the polity and its environment. 

Vision Statement

Our vision for the Department of Politics and International Relations is to be a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence for enriching its students in researching political thought and international relations. Our vision also intends to inspire and empower them to help policymakers, diplomats, and government officials improve and upgrade the system.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Politics and International Relations is to equip its students with the critical thinking abilities, and ethical frameworks necessary to navigate the complexities of politics and international relations and to prepare them as global citizens, equipped with the skills to analyze diverse cultural contexts, collaborate across borders, and address global challenges collectively.

Goals of the Department

  1. Academic Excellence: The department will work as a center of academic excellence in the field of politics and international relations, offering programs and courses of study with high standards of quality and intellectual development.
  2. Research: The department will encourage faculty and students to engage in research and scholarly activities that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of politics and international relations.
  3. Professional Activities: The department will organize seminars, conferences, webinars, and round table discussions for intellectual growth and meaningful contributions to the discipline of politics and international relations.
  4. Collaboration: The department will foster collaborations and partnerships with other academic institutions, research centers, think tanks, government agencies, and international organizations to promote knowledge exchange, joint research projects, and opportunities for internships and professional development at national and international levels.
  5. Alumni Engagement: The Department will also establish strong ties with alumni and get opportunities from their experience.