The importance of collaboration with other universities around the world can’t be overlooked. Lahore Leads University has realized this importance since its inception. In order to provide international standard education to our students, we have collaborated with a number of universities around the world. Such collaboration has extended hands in various areas including, students exchange programs, faculty development initiatives, research and development, seminars and workshops etc. We have collaboration with the following universities and many other avenues of collaboration are being explored.

1. Multimedia University, Malaysia
2. Skyline University College, UAE
3. Eastern University, kyrgyzstan
4. Naresuan University, Thailand
5. Ajou University, South Korea
6. Universidad Católica de Murcia, Spain
7. Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey
8. Universidad de Jaén, Spain
9. Towson University, USA
10. Liaoning Communication
11. University of China, China

Lahore Leads University plans to launch split degree programs so that students can avail the opportunity of getting education at Lahore LEADS University and its collaborative universities. These initiatives will not only expand the horizon for the students but will also ensure their competitive qualities.

International Collaborations