department of mathematics

Mathematics Department at Lahore LEADS University is a place to learn about and investigate these ideas. The department is currently offering Associate Degree Programs, BS, and M.Phil programs to train individuals in mathematics, both as a subject in itself and as a discipline to aid in the development of other social and scientific fields.


Mathematics is an amazing and beautiful intellectual creation, one of the human race’s deepest endeavors. Mathematics helps explain every phenomenon i r respective of its complexity, of the world around us, and the future world we are creating. Mathematics is the universal language of science and is essential for the technological evolution of our society.The Department of Mathematics at Lahore Leads University is cognizant of this vital role of Mathematics and aims at developing the human resource equipped with skills to resolve complex issues.The Department offers Associate Degree Programs, undergraduate and graduate programs leading to MPhil and BS degrees in Mathematics. These programs are carefully designed with thoughtful selection of courses from applied, pure, and computational domains of mathematics in the light of recommendations of HEC and departmental Board of Studies. The department aspires to promote understanding of Mathematics by means of research oriented teaching, inculcate attributes of logical and critical thinking in students and train them to appreciate the higher level of abstraction. The research interests of the Department range from areas related to pure and applied Mathematics keeping abreast with latest developments in the field. The department also provides instructional support to other faculties of the University in teaching of courses pertaining to mathematical sciences.