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Admission Procedure

On receipt of Admission Application Form by the Admissions Office.

A student shall be enrolled provisionally in a program, with a roll number, in order to facilitate his/her immediate attendance in the class.

However, it shall be mandatory for him/her to get verification / validation of his/her earlier educational documents attested by the Inter-Boards Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) / the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as applicable and,

As well, meet other entry requirements in the program,

In order to get regular registration by the University

Why Leads

The Directorate of University Publications has been established at Lahore Leads University with the object of propagating the affairs and functioning of the University among the people at large. This out-reach component of the University facilitates the maintenance of a close relationship between the University and her major stakeholders i.e. the students. It also engenders an air of familiarity and friendship between the University administration and the government through timely projection of the salient academic and co-curricular activities on the campus. The university publications are of perennial value as the directorate chronicles all developments – statutory, administrative, academic, infra-structural or of co-curricular kind, — on periodical basis. The Directorate of University Publications brings out updated editions of the publications mentioned below, with the purpose of facilitating the students in learning about the general norms followed on the campus and maintaining a record of happenings and decisions for ready reference.


Merit Scholarship for First Semester Students

1.1 The university will award merit scholarship (in the form of 75% tuition fee waiver) to top 5% students admitted in the first semester of each program on the basis of merit determined at the time of admission.

1.2 Any student who gets admission after the due date of fee deposit / scheduled test date / commencement of the semester, shall not be entitled to get merit scholarship in the first semester.

International Collaborations