Dr. Syed Asfandyar Gilani

Professor / Dean Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Zia Ullah

Professor / Dean Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Amir Bakhsh Basit

Professor / Dean Faculty of Commerce

Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Mansoori

Professor / Dean Faculty of Humanities & Social Science

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The Student Life at Lahore Leads University, dedicated to supporting student well being and enhancing the students experience. Also You will find a vast number of ways to make friends, enjoy yourself, keep busy on campus. When you are on campus, you are in the heart of University life.


The University is offering a number of generous scholarships and grants to its prospective candidates at undergrad and graduate levels including Merit, Kinship based and Need based scholarship. Want to know more.


Want to know about the step by step guide of our admission and enrollment process including documentation, forms, deadlines, services, benefits and facilities, and courses allocation.