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“Established in 1995 under the patronages of Leads Educator Welfare Trust, a non-profit trust for promoting education throughout the country. The educational trust aims to produce leaders for the nation through comprehensive expansion of individuals by providing quality education … “

Student Life

Life at Leads

The Student Life at Lahore Leads University, dedicated to supporting student well being and enhancing the students experience. Also You will find a vast number of ways to make friends, enjoy yourself, keep busy on campus. When you are on campus, you are in the heart of University life.

Feature Courses

The University shall follow the standardized structure/scheme of studies for its various degree, associate degree, diploma, and/or certificate programs

Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science endeavors to produce competent practitioners who can play a productive role in industry, academia and research.  The faculty uses modern technologies to enhance the learning capabilities of the students and to provide them with a stimulating …

Business Administration

The LBS endeavors to assimilate, create, disseminate knowledge, which will reflect in the contributions that LBS graduates will make to create, sustain and project our nation through economic, ethical, caring and work oriented behaviors without prejudice to gender …

Mass Comunication

Department of Mass Communication has been working vigilantly since the establishment of Lahore Leads University. The department aims to provide the country with professionally trained media persons. The offered programs are designed keeping in view to cater the …

Social Sciences

Social Sciences is the study of human behavior and interaction in social, culture, environmental economic and political contexts. The humanities and social sciences has a historical and contemporary focus, from personal to global contexts and consider challenges for future.


There have been many changes and exciting developments in mathematics over the last century, and greater emphasis has been made over new areas of mathematics as well as on the application of mathematics to an ever widening range of pursuits in many different areas …


Center for Research on Advanced Legal and Policy Studies is a project of Lahore Leads University which has been established with the aim to promote research culture in Pakistan, according to the international standard and method of research in the field of law …

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Our Goals and Objectives

“To prepare leaders in various fields through holistic development of individuals.”

“Provide the best quality education through Up-to-date knowledge, appropriate learning strategies and enabling environment to prepare leaders for winning LEAD.”

The Goal of the University is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels.

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Collaborations at Leads

In an unremitting run for quality enhancement, escalating international linkages, perking up foreign connections, Lahore Leads University has established …

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