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Academic Excellence

Career Councelling

Research & Development

Distinctive Programs

International Linkages

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Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence is the essence of Lahore Leads University. To achieve our mission, we are continually introducing uniquqe academic programs and learning techniques.

Distinctive Programs

The University is offering distinctive academic programs in a number of discplines by imparting latest pedagogical developments.

Research & Development

The university has produced an extensive research output in various disciplines. The students not only publish articles in recognized journals, but also participates in national and international conferences.

International Linkage

The University has collaborations with international universities of the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Turkey & South Korea for furthering R&D and exchange programs.

Proficient Facucty

We have a foreign and Native qualified faculty members who are expert in their specialized areas and have industrial exposure for grooming and mentoring of the students.

Career counselling

Our proficient and professional staff and faculty members are available to guide and mentor you in selecting the best suitable programs for your personal and professional growth and development.

Mission & VISION


To emerge as a seat of higher learning producing empowered and responsible leadership through holistic development of individuals in all domains of erudition, nation building, corporate realms, and public service.


Creation of a serene environment conducive to learning, skill building, research, and innovation,thus, preparing individuals capable of meeting contemporary and future challenges in a highly dynamic mode.


  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Respect for Individuals and Society
  • Cross Cultural Harmony
  • Acquiescence to Law
  • Service to Community


Studying at Lahore Leads University means you’ll directly engage with the educational values of research-led teaching, a dynamic environment and quality teaching spaces. The teaching approaches at Lahore Leads University are shaped and formed by the University itself. Our degrees run parallel to degrees offered in Pakistan, and are subject to the same quality assurance processes.


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Student Life

Our students create a vibrant and inclusive community