Sports are considered an integral part of the total educational experience of the students which help in developing appropriate skills, knowledge and dispositions.

The sports activities at the University have been designed in such a way that can leverage student’s physical strengths and help them to compete with students of other universities.

Students can enjoy sports including football, cricket, badminton and athletics. The University has provided indoor and outdoor facilities for sports. Annual sports events are arranged by the University and shining and winning sports persons are acknowledged through prizes and certificates.

The importance of sports cannot be overlooked in educational institutions, therefore Lahore Leads University has paid special attention to this area. Mr. Amir Mahmood, a nationally recognized personality of football is working as Director Sports at the University. He has been hired by the University to create and develop sports culture in the University.

The University recognizes the importance of sports in education. Various sports activities are organized at Lahore Leads University in collaboration with other institutions. The Sports department was created to cater to the needs and demands of modern sports. It arranges cricket, football and other tournaments to identify good players for competitions. Lahore Leads University’s students have performed very well in such competitions.