Quality Assurance Department (QAD)

The prime objective of this department is to evaluate and support excellence in performance in all areas of education. The QAD has a vision for sustaining and improving the quality of service delivery, in order to live up to the expectations of the stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, employers, and the society at large. The role of Quality Assurance is two-fold:

For StudentsThe University is committed to providing a high quality learning experience. The direct contribution that students make to this, through providing feedback, advice and suggestions, is critical. Input from students is a key feature of all our quality assurance processes. Students have participation at all levels in Lahore Leads University. Their suggestions are always highly appreciated and also implemented.

For Faculty and StaffThe quality and dedication of faculty and staff are critical to maintaining and enhancing the high quality of learning & teaching. We recognize that all our faculty and staff, are continuously reflecting upon and seeking to improve practice in all areas of our work to advance learning, teaching and research in their disciplines and enhance the quality of the student learning experience. The academic quality framework and the processes it encompasses are intended to be appropriate and meaningful vehicles to support reflection and to capture, recognize and disseminate the excellent practice that is characteristic of our provision.