The LLU Fee Concession & Scholarship Policy has the following features:

  • 1. Merit Scholarship for First Semester Students
  • 2. Merit Scholarship for Subsequent Semesters
  • 3. Fee Concession for Needy students.
  • 4. Fee Concession for siblings.
  • 5. Policy for LLU Employees and Their Dependents
  • 6. Fee in Installments
  • 1. Merit Scholarship for First Semester Students

    1.1 The university will award merit scholarship (in the form of 75% tuition fee waiver) to top 5% students admitted in the first semester of each program on the basis of merit determined at the time of admission.

    1.2 Any student who gets admission after the due date of fee deposit / scheduled test date / commencement of the semester, shall not be entitled to get merit scholarship in the first semester.

    1.3 Students falling under clause 1.2 will be allowed to compete for merit scholarship in the subsequent semesters.

    1.4 A student who changes the program of study will not be entitled for merit scholarship in the first semester.

    1.5 In addition, fee waivers to position holders of BISE examination / Diploma holders are admissible in the first semester as follows:

    100% tuition fee waiverto first position holder

    75% tuition fee waiver to second position holder

    50% tuition fee waiver tothird position holder

    1.6 Tuition fee waivers are also allowed in the first semester to the students admitted on A-level basis.

    Three A’s in A-Level 50%tuition fee waiver

    Two A’s in A-Level 25%tuition fee waiver

    1.7 This award is only for the first semester. For subsequent semesters, the students would have to compete according to following scheme.

    2. Merit Scholarship for Subsequent Semesters

    If four siblings are studying in LLU then

    One will get 100% fee concession

    One will get 50% fee concession

    Two will pay full fee

    4.2 The sibling getting brother/sister concession, cannot apply for need base fee concession. However the siblings not getting this concession can be granted, at the most, 50% fee concession if they deserve this on the basis of need.

    4.3 Fee concession will be granted to those siblings who are expected to complete their programs of studies earlier.

    4.4 If the brother/sister who is expected to complete his/her study program earlier as per schedule of studies, is getting merit scholarship, then the other sibling will avail the brother/sister concession.

    4.5 A student can avail only one form of financial assistance at one time.

    5. Policy for LLU Employees and Their Dependents

    Fee concession policy for the LLU employees and their dependents studying in different courses/programs of studies is as follows:

    5.1 This policy shall apply to the employees of the University and their sons, daughters and spouses.

    5.2 The employees shall have the benefit of 50%tuition fee concession.

    5.3 Sons, daughters and spouse of an LLU employee (if dependent on the employee) will have the benefit of 50% fee concession.

    5.4 Concession (if granted) would apply to tuition fee only.

    5.5 Awardees of these concessions would be required to maintain CGPA at or above 2.00

    6. Fee in Installments

    The university may allow deposit of fee in two or three equal installments to those students who cannot deposit the semester fee in lump sum.