Psychology is scientific study of human mind and its functions affecting behavior. It attempts to comprehend human nature, society and culture to understand, manage and predict human behavior. Psychology is a highly diverse field encompassing almost all fields of life. Hence, scope of psychology extends to a number of areas such as teaching, health and wellbeing, management and industry, sports and media as well as everyday life. Department of Psychology offers BS 4 years, MSc 2 years (Morning) and MPhil Psychology (2 years weekend) programs. Psychological sciences provide you understanding of a wide range of perspectives on psychology and research methods. We arrange seminars and workshops to promote interactive and supportive learning environment. Our BS and MSc programs lay a solid foundation for later MPhil study to become a professional psychologist. Psychology also helps you better understand yourself and others and live a better life. Graduates with psychology degree can work in education, and health sectors as well as NGOs and public sector organizations.