Welcome to the Department of Politics & International Relations, home to the disciplines of Political Science and International Relations at the Lahore Leads University. We are committed to convert our youngsters into critical and empowered citizens in a decolonizing world. Politics and development always go hand in hand. The rapidly renovating world has made it imperative to understand the political phenomenon behind it. We possess a highly qualified faculty to familiarize students with emerging trends in the disciplines of Political Science and International Relations, to make them understand and realize various issues in the region, contemporary world politics & relevant issues and to provide training that would enable students to make a significant contribution in the future. The department of Politics & IR is an enthusiastic department where the emphasis is on quality through teaching and research. The department seeks to achieve excellent levels of distinction in teaching and research by transmitting knowledge and understanding that are needed to transform the young people of Pakistan into politically enlightened persons. Keeping in view the educational needs of our future leaders in the national government, civil society institutions and international organizations, the Department is striving to provide the highest quality education to the students. The Department of Politics & IR offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in various specialties of political science and international relations. Students of Politics & IR are offered a full-range of courses in the disciplines of Politics and International Relations. Currently, BS (International Relations), BS (Political Science) and M.Phil (Politics & IR) are being offered and running successfully at the department.