Online Learning Arrangements at Lahore Leads University

Lahore Leads University faces an unprecedented challenge in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic. As a campus community, we are meeting this moment together with tough but essential measures to protect the health and uphold the safety of our students, faculty and staff without compromising on quality, and continuity of academic activities.
With the support and dedication of our faculty, and commitment of LLU students, the Lahore Leads University has moved its academic setup to online virtual environment. Following steps have been taken in order to facilitate the faculty and students:

1. Online Lectures are being recorded as video and voice narrations using Microsoft PowerPoint. The following step-wise tutorial has been shared with the faculty members:

2. The lecture videos along with reading and assessment materials are being shared with the all registered students using the EasyClass Platform. The portal provides the following features:

a) Sharing of recorded videos and reading materials
b) Ability to send, receive and grade all assignments in an asynchronous manner.
c) Ability to have online quizzes that can be automatically graded with the help of a key.
d) Online attendance mechanism to ensure that students are regularly consuming the lecture materials.

The following step-wise tutorial has been shared with the faculty members:

3. It is worth mentioning that a few papers of final exams of March 2020 affected by prevailing Pandemic were administered online via the ClassMarker platform successfully. The attendance was 100% for these online exams.

4. The student orientation for Undergraduate and Graduate students were conducted online using recorded videos of YouTube. The link for the MS/M.Phil. student orientation is provided for your reference:

  • Lahore Leads University stands ready to provide technical and academic support to any institution in the time of this national crisis.