Successfully Organized Webinar

Department of Politics and International Relations has successfully organized the webinar “entitled Issue of Governance during Covid-19 and Impact on Center-Provincial Relations in Pakistan”. Dr. Asiya Saif Alvi, Assistant Professor Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Sargodha was invited as a Guest Speaker. Dr. Javeria Jahangir Chairperson, Department of politics and International Relations, Lahore Leads University started the session with a welcome note and highlighted the importance of this webinar. In this session, Guest Speaker underlined the governance issue during Covid-19 in Pakistan and pointed out that federalism is one of the systems that help to maintain good governance if it is implemented in its true spirit. Federalism is the defining structural framework for how Pakistan is governed.

Despite repeated political consensus on this governance system, it is also contentious and questioned constantly. A national crisis is the ultimate stress test of a governance system. In this webinar, it was also discussed how federalism as a governance system has served the Pakistani people and how it has evolved in the face of a crisis. Well-coordinated governance structures are critical for a quick and efficient response to such a crisis. Students and faculty members from different departments attended the webinar, participated in the question-answer session and discussed the number of steps taken by the Government of Pakistan to tackle the evolving challenges. Ms Sara Ahmad, Lecturer Department of Politics and International Relations, Lahore Leads University who was also the moderator of this session concluded this informative session.