Chairman's Message

LLU is now almost ten years old. During this period we have strived hard to ensure that our programs are relevant to the demands of modern day world. Our endeavors are bearing fruit and today the name of LLU stands for provider of quality education offering programs that are in line with the demands of local and global markets. Our graduates are equipped with professional skills and are ready to face the challenges of practical life with confidence. Our faculty and staff deserve appreciation for their untiring efforts, hard work and resolve that made this to happen. Only technologically advanced countries can maintain respectable existence and achieve self-reliance in this age of science and technology. Therefore, I advise the students to come forward, work hard, acquire knowledge and lead the nation to the path of excellence in emerging sciences and technologies. I exhort them to be the messengers of LLU, practice honesty, respect others and be socially responsible, and work for bringing positive change in the society. I would like to see the impact of your ethical strength on the people who surround you. I feel pride in seeing our faculty and staff working in harmony and realizing the dream of quality education under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Dr. Mohammed Rafiq Baloch. Academics are the guardians of the youth. Their scholarship and commitment to impart and create knowledge play a vital role in transforming the lives of their taught. They are facilitators and quality insurers for all functions of the University. I feel pride in being a part of you. Together we seek to achieve the goal of prosperous Pakistan.


    Chairman of Lahore Leads University