Lahore LEADS University is a fast growing institution managed by the Leads Education Welfare Trust. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various branches of knowledge. New disciplines are added to respond to the market needs as well as to lead the society in attaining a respectable position in the highly competitive knowledge world. Establishment of the Department of Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is and exhibit of this mission. We prepare competent, committed, resilient and socially responsible educationists, teachers, scholars and researchers who may join and advance the profession of Education to create knowledge based society thriving in the globally changing environment and ensuring sustainable development. Teaching-learning strategies at the Department take the students beyond the classroom into the field of work i.e.the schools, colleges, educational organizations and community at large so that the gap between theory and practice would be bridge to maximum. The Department also aims at promoting collaborative and collegial interdisciplinary teaching-learning and research culture in the university. Our goal is to offer degree programs in Education, short courses and workshops for continuous professional development of the faculty of the University and outside professionals, to integrate technology to improve the quality of teaching, learning, research and outreach and last but not the least, developing collaborative and professional relationships with schools, other educational institutions and the community. Currently, the department is offering BS Education at Undergraduate level and MS/M.Phil Education at Graduate level.