The Department of Economics is one of the flourishing departments at Lahore LEADS University. The department offers a wide array of programs including BS (Hons) in Economics, M.Sc Economics and M.Phil Economics with both course work and research. Our experts have designed these programs keeping in view the latest trends in the job market. The programs comprise a compendium of course work, thesis, research papers and comprehensive examinations. The faculty at the department promises dissemination of quality knowledge pertaining to economic theory supported by contemporary economic analysis along with its applications for problem solving purposes. With an aim to meet independent thinking abilities on the part of the students, we offer a variety of advanced courses in applied economics complemented by Seminars and Workshops. The immeasurable growth of Economics as an academic discipline of fundamental significance, the department is keen to focus especially on the kaleidoscopic world and the needs that are emerging in parallel. The department is proud to offer specialization in Quantitative Economics, Development Economics, International Economics, Monetary and Financial Economics and Agricultural Economics.