Academic Excellence at LEADS

Lahore Leads University's core strength resides in its academic excellence. Lahore Leads University is nationally recognized as a top flourishing university, with a challenging academic environment and student centered curricula. Students at LEADS have the chance to work alongside outstanding professionals who are accomplished scholars and committed teachers. University has a culture of research, innovation, openness, intercultural harmony, and development. University is committed to encouraging and developing enquiring minds and provides unparalleled learning opportunities for the students. Lahore Leads University aims to inspire students and urge them to look beyond boundaries and explore their full potential. Our academic staff members are selected on the basis of their excellence in teaching and research. We apply the uniform high standards for all departments and all campuses.

Medium of Instruction

Medium of instruction at LEADS is English. Typically, the students are taught partly in large lecture groups and partly in smaller student groups. This student-centered learning will equip you with the skills and analytical abilities to thrive in industry, and the society.

Course Structure

The University is keen to ensure that teaching should always be innovative and effective. Problem-based learning, an approach which fosters skills in group working and collaboration, self-direction, reasoning, critical reflection, and knowledge acquisition and application is incorporated into all courses. Our undergraduate programs are taught over four years whereas, each graduate programs is spread over two years. Our taught courses are constantly evolved to incorporate new research & developments and are delivered by faculty well-versed in their subjects. We also regularly consult organizations and employers to ensure that our programs provide you with the opportunity to develop key transferable skills for employment.