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Welcome to Lahore Leads University, an institution committed to shaping your destinies. LLU believes in playing a vital role in providing solutions to the socio-economic and technological problems faced by the nation, through providing quality education to the youth. This requires replacing rigid principles and outdated approaches in education with focused vision and modern pedagogical methods of bringing about a positive change.We aim at providing quality education by keeping the faculty and students abreast with advances in knowledge and research. We train our students to observe, analyze and assess things with reason and judgment from a liberal point of view. We encourage them to probe newer avenues of knowledge and adopt innovative trends in their respective fields of interest and groom themselves to utilize their intellectual energies and skills to produce results applicable in industry and trade. We offer a range of carefully designed programs in disciplines of computer science, information technology, management sciences, engineering, basic and sports sciences, and humanities that best suit the region for its economic growth. Our students work in an atmosphere that combines rigorous academic studies with the excitement of discovery and pleasure of innovation. LLU enjoys a respectable place among its competitors and is playing a catalytic role in contributing its share to socio economic uplift of Pakistan. I urge my students to put their hearts and souls in their studies and strive for making a significant contribution for the development of their motherland.

    Vice Chancellor

    Lahore Leads University