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Electrical Engineering is the profession that applies various kinds of sound scientific knowledge and problem solving skills to the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic devices, equipment, services and information systems. Electrical engineers find innovative ways to use electricity, information, computers and electronics to make people's lives better. This program offers a unique combination of independent students' studies, exposure to various small projects, developments in the field and challenging course work both within and beyond engineering. This combination is designed to prepare our students to excel both in engineering innovation and in life-long learning. The goal of the curriculum of the electrical engineering undergraduate program is to prepare the engineers to avail broad range of opportunities in educational fields, industrial, commercial and governmental organizations. This goal can be achieved through a curriculum designed in the light of recommendations of HEC/PEC by the board of studies to fulfill the following objective:

Program Mission

To provide intellectually challenging educational and research environment to produce electrical engineers with a strong foundation in fundamentals and prepare them to develop a solution for future needs of the relevant industry and society

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

With extensive five years of professional experience, the alumni of BSc Electrical Engineering will be able to: PEO-1: Provide solutions to Electrical engineering problems by applying acquired knowledge of scientific and engineering principles.