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About Us

Lahore Leads University is an HEC recognized private sector University, chartered by the Government of Punjab on January 22, 2011. It has created a name for itself in higher education in a short span of time. LLU is one of the speedily growing universities in Pakistan providing quality education with focus on academic excellence, innovation and up-to-date knowledge. LLU has purpose-built campuses, state-of-the-art facilities, and a learning environment where future Leaders are nurtured.

There are five faculties and each faculty comprises of multiple departments. The Faculty of Computer Sciences has two departments: Department of CS & IT and Department of Mathematics. The Faculty of Engineering has two departments: Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Civil Engineering. The Faculty of Business Administration has one department: Department of Business Administration. The Faculty of Commerce has one department: Department of Economics. The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences has ten departments: Department of Education, Department of Law, Department of English, Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Department of Mass Communication, Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology, Department of Urdu, Department of Islamic Studies and Department of Politics & IR. The University, through the offices of the Registrar and Controller of Examinations and the directorates helps in maintaining an environment conducive to teaching and learning at LLU.

The University was established in 2011 under the aegis of Leads Educator Welfare Trust, a non-profit trust for promoting education throughout the country. Its aims at producing leaders for the nation through comprehensive development of individuals by providing quality education, brainstorming activities, experiential learning opportunities to analyze issues with different perspectives for the economic development of the country and for the better future of the nation. It has created a name for itself in the field of higher education in a short time period. Lahore Leads University is one of the fast growing private universities of Pakistan with diverse disciplines ranging from Business Administration and Engineering to Humanities and Social Sciences and Computer Sciences. Lahore Leads University is a comprehensive in situation with a reputation for innovative programs and modern research activities. Our faculty, staff, programs, and services team provide an extensive range of learning choices and alternatives that offer an outstanding combination of quality education at all levels.