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LLU Campus

Students of Lahore Leads University get plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. There are students’ societies, which organize activities of their choice and interest. The University encourages the students to self-manage these societies and provides the required resources and guidance. Students have the freedom to form various societies of interest so that they can engage in productive activities beyond their academic accomplishments. These societies cover areas like, Debates, Innovation, Photography, Music, Painting, Sports and many more. There is an enthusiasm among students about these activities as these activities provide them opportunities to explore their hidden potential. These activities also bring to the foreground their hidden leadership, organizational, interpersonal and management skills. University periodically arranges various trips to famous as well as those places which were not explored earlier. These recreational activities strengthen and refresh students and allow them to engage and explore the beauty and history of Pakistan. Lahore Leads University welcomes the new students' initiatives of forming or becoming a part of these societies.